Dr.Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh


Sectional President,ICT Section, ISCA-2019,

Program Coordinator DST-FIST,

Department of Computer Science and IT,

Dr. Babasabheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad(MS),INDIA.

Research People

PhD and Master of Philosopy People

Pooja Janse

Research Area:Remote Sensing & GIS

Development of an Automatic Continuous Marathi Speech Recognition System in Agriculture Domain

Kayte N. Jaypalsing

Research Area: Remote Sensing & GIS

Digital Soil Mapping of Aurangabad District using Remote Sensing and GIS


Swapnil Waghmare

Research Area: Digital Speech Processing

Design and Development of Database and Recognition System for Isolated Stuttered Spoken Marathi Words

Rohit Gupta

Research Area: Remote Sensing & GIS

Quality Assessment of Pharmaceutical Solid Dosage Forms using Hyperspectral Non-Imaging Data


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Digital Soil Mapping of Aurangabad District

New Publication Remote Sensing and GIS

Digital Soil Mapping techniques to Prediction of soil attributes

Digital Soil Mapping techniques to Prediction of soil attributes (properties and classes) in digital soil mapping (DSM) is based on the correlation between primary soil attributes and secondary environmental attributes. Digital soil mapping makes extensive use of secondary information, such as that contained in remote sensing images and digital elevation models. However, it cannot do without taking samples of the soil itself. Therefore, methods and guidelines need to be developed that assist users in designing spatial sample configurations for use in digital soil mapping. Existing geostatistical methods are insufficient because these typically have been developed for situations in which there is no secondary information. In this paper, we explore how the existing methods may be extended to the case in which the secondary information is spatially exhaustive and where soil mapping is done using as the creation, and population of spatial soil information systems (SSINFOS), universal kriging and SCORPAN Method. It is timely to develop and implement methodologies. More....